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You gave us this life and can take it away
So many times we forget who you are
We owe you our life and we forget to pay

When we feel down, do we try to get close?
No, we rely on ourselves to pull through
Why? Why? When you are always there

We want to get close but try to please the world
These people are nothing compared to you
They are all just a speck of sand

You are the almighty ruler
No one can measure up to the creator of all
They try and try but can’t move the lever

They stay in third gear all their life
Why the rush? You say to us
We need to slow down, eternity won’t speed up
Slow it down to first gear
Take it one baby step at a time

They push and they shove to get their own way
Never will God give these demons the time of day
They try to tell us what’s right
But we only end up in the wrong

We know that God will make us pay
When judgment day comes way
Oh no, what will we say?
Don’t try to lie, he knows all
Get your life straight and in the right direction

That day will come
Better get it right, now while there is still time
You can’t buy your way to heaven with a dime
Pay with your heart and soul

Jesus died for us, remember
You heard it before
Don’t forget it
Do you choose heaven or hell?

And my God shall supply all your needs according to
His riches in glory by Jesus Christ       Philippians 4:19
I used to think that I was an atheist. But God proved me wrong.
Viomoro Featured By Owner May 8, 2008   Writer
good poem, i like how it shows we areant the important ones, and how life needs to be slower.
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